Founded: 2000s

Location: 430 South Capitol Street Southeast                          Washington, DC 20003


Ideologies: Anti-American, Communist

Also Known As: Anti-fun, Pantifa


Antifa is the terrorist paramilitary wing of the Democrat Party used to silence conservative political opponents.  Their tactics include inciting violence, using weapons such as bicycle locks, harassment, doxxing, and outright lies.  Our research indicates the the majority of their membership lives in their parents’ basements and refuses to shower.  Ironically, although the group claims to be anti-fascist, they employ fascist techniques against their opponents. Antifa always uses violence as a first resort.  

Antifa thugs despise America, carry communist flags, wear black from head to toe, attack the innocent, and destroy public property.  A wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party, Antifa is the leading proponent of mob rule and act in a lawless manner.  They hate the police and frequently assault members of law enforcement by throwing bottles of urine at them.  They also hate happiness and fun and as a result are also known as Anti-Fun.  Other names include Pantifa, because they always have their panties in a bunch.  The Super Happy Fun America Law Center is anti-Antifa.

"The General" vs The Communists