Founded: 2013

Location: Berkley, CA

Ideologies: Anti-American, Anti-Christian, Anti-Semitic, Communism

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a far-left, Marxist, black supremacy organization which also functions to extort businesses into giving large sums of money to its founders.  They partner with the Democrat Party and serve as the party’s paramilitary terrorist arm in conjunction with Antifa.  Because it has the name “Black” in the title many people are afraid to criticize the movement.  This tactic shields the organization from scrutiny.  Oddly enough, a large portion of the group consists of angry white women.  

Patrisse Cullors, a BLM founder, used money raised by the group to purchase 4 homes, including a $1.4 million home in an exclusive neighborhood.  Her neighbors are 88% white and only 1.8% black.  Hmmmm………

The self proclaimed Marxist is enjoying the capitalist lifestyle a bit too much.

BLM “protests” have resulted in over $1 Billion in property damage and the most expensive insurance losses in history.   These “mostly peaceful protests” include mass acts of Burning, Looting, and Murder (BLM).  In fact more than 40 citizens have been murdered and over 800 police officers injured in BLM violence.  Fortunately, groups such as Super Happy Fun America are pushing back against the absurd notion that Black Lives Matter is a civil rights group.  Indeed, BLM is in fact a terrorist group.